The post-pandemic era will introduce newer, better, and exciting events beginning now. The real question is, "Can you keep up?"

This also might be a great time to revive your social event and give it somewhat of a transformation. The Old Idaho Penitentiary is doing exactly that with Gingerfest which took off last year, it's back!

What is Gingerfest

It depends on where you might live right? Gingerfest just sounds like an outdoor all-day music festival at Expo Idaho headlined by Ed Sheeran, 60 other bands, and red beer gardens across the grass. The Old Idaho Penitentiary won't be throwing down festival-type vibes but will give it the Boise family feel on Saturday. Gingerfest is a fun event celebrating all things red including every redhead you know.

Idaho State Historical Society.
Idaho State Historical Society.

Is Gingerfest a Family Event?

Gingerfest celebrates the 6th year and is all about the family atmosphere. There will be contests targeted at adults and children like the red-themed costume contest. Who is the best ginger? Who is redder than ever?

"Gingerfest is an Old Idaho Penitentiary original, and a celebration of all things red. Everyone is welcome, including both gingers and honorary gingers," Education Specialist and Visitor Services Coordinator, Jacey Brown said. "We are excited to welcome everyone back to the Old Idaho Penitentiary to explore the site’s exhibits and take in some bonus games, food, and fun."

Idaho State Historical Society
Idaho State Historical Society

Family Event with Adult Beverage Perks

Redheads like to indulge in beverages too! The red beer will be flowing Joe's Travelling Bar and no limit to red wine cheers. There will be a Dj hosting for fun and games.

"There's a what? I'm the only ginger on the radio, I'm there," said Moug from Moug and Angie Mornings as we discussed weekend plans around the studio. We have several redheads in my family and it's just cool to have one event where we can hang out and celebrate them.

 Gingerfest Times, Prices, and Directions

  • Old Idaho Penitentiary
  • 2445 Old Penitentiary Rd
  • Boise, ID, 83712
  • Prices: $6 or $10 for two (promo code 2RED)
  • Admission includes games and special contests


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