Ok, I'm sure this will cause a heated debate... I've never had Cassanova and I'm sure it's good, but the BEST in the STATE? Who's got your favorite pizza pie?

Foodandwine.com released a list of the Top 10 states for Pizza AND they listed each individual state's best pizza restaurant. Here's the sad news; Idaho did NOT make the top 10 pizza states, but here's who did:

1. New Jersey

2. Connecticut

3. New York

4. Illinois

5. Michigan

6 California

7. Pennsylvania

8. Massachusetts

9. Ohio

10. Missouri


For me, I get New York and I get Illinois... In fact, I always think of New York as kind of America's Pizza Capital, and Chicago is clearly known for their amazing deep dish! I'll even give you California because there is that fancy pizza place, "California Pizza Kitchen", which is amazing wood fired pizza. Not sure how Michigan and Missouri play into this whole thing so if you know, please educate me.

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Now, here in Idaho, we certainly have our own pizza vibe. In fact, I'd say pizza is pretty important here. We have great local options like Slice, Flying Pie, Pie Hole, Idaho Pizza Company, Smoky Mountain, I mean the list goes on and on and on. According to Foodandwine.com, however, Boise's Cassanova Pizzeria is the best IN THE STATE. Now, I can't say it's not, cause I've never had it. And obviously now I will because I have to... The honor of best in the state? Yeah, I've gotta give it a try. What do you think? Have you had it? Or do you have another local favorite? Hit us with a DM in our app our on Facebook!

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