"The Capital City Public Market's Mission is to create and ensure a vibrant, secure downtown Boise marketplace that promotes community and commerce among our members, city residents and visitors."

My mission is to get my butt to this market on Saturdays to partake in all the local goodies it has to offer. As of right now The Market is every Saturday from 9am- 2pm in Garden City. Starting July 17th it will open in Downtown Boise, popping up every Saturday through October with operating hours from 9:30- 1:30pm. I know, we're being gipped an hour! But beggars can't be choosers, and I'm just glad it will be in Downtown Boise at all.

Because it will be located on Idaho St. between 9th St. and 11th St., it will be situated near some of the best restaurants and shopping you can find downtown. Bombay Grill and Guru Donuts, which are in the same historic building, are just feet away from The Market. I highly recommend grabbing a Hipsterberry donut from Guru on the way there and stopping in for the lunch buffet at Bombay on the way out.

While vendors will be selling produce, meats, and other edible delights, there are also artisan goods. Glass, pottery, clothes, accessories, and even fun stuff for your pets. You can find a list of the current vendors at the Garden City location here. But I'm especially hoping Lime and a Coconut makes its way downtown. Authentic Thai food served on site, yes please! Just remember, the Market opens half an hour later and closes half an hour earlier in Downtown Boise than in Garden City. Reminds me of Miranda Hillard's method of kid drop-off and pickup in Mrs. Doubtfire. If you don't understand the reference, watch the whole movie. You'll understand and also have a delightful movie watching experience.

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