Yes, a CONCERT LINEUP announcement... Does it get any more exciting than this? Lee Brice is performing July 29th, see the rest of the lineup here!

The 2021 Canyon County Fair runs Thursday-Sunday July 29th-August 1st. Get ready to get out and have some fun, ride some rides, eat some food and enjoy some live music! The Canyon County Fair announced on Facebook this past Friday the concert lineup, which includes:

  • Lee Brice with special guest Lainy Wilson on Thursday, July 29th
  • The legendary Mark Chestnutt with special guest Niko Moon on Friday, July 30th
  • Rodney Atkins with special guests The Powell Brothers on Saturday, July 31st
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The Canyon County Fair also realizes that people may still have some reservations or concerns related to the Covid-19 pandemic, which they address on their website. In part,

We are committed to taking extra precautions to keep our community and staff safe while maintaining fair operations. This year, we are increasing security staff, are implementing strict COVID-19 sanitization protocol, offering easy access to sanitization stations, and hiring additional cleaning staff to implement increased sanitization and cleaning efforts.

It's going to be an incredible time and by the time late July is here, we'll all be ready to get out and enjoy the fair with an all new carnival for 2021, the Latino Festival and more. They also still have plenty of room for vendors and merchants if you'd like to get your business out to the fair. Get on it quick, though cause it'll be here before you know it!

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