When the snow ends up coming down in a treasure trove of white goodness covering the Treasure Valley floor we are all happy...right. Yes, but when it comes time to actually walking outside and attempting to be part of said white fluffy goodness..things tend to get a little more sketchy. The City and surrounding areas are seeing an increase in snow this season which only means the demand for shovels, ice scrapers, and other tools become more in demand.


So if you can't find those shovels to clear a lane from front door to sidewalk, don't worry brothers and sisters you are not alone.The "White Christmas" was wonderful but it has been a PAIN to get the proper tools to at least make the getting out of the house part easier. Boise businesses are seeing a boom in demand for shovels, ice scrapers, ice salts and more winter weather standards and some people like me are kinda starting to freak lol.  KTVB.com published this story last night, and I for one had the exact same experience. Employees at Lowe's, The Home Depot and Target all say they are expecting a shipment of shovels and ice melt at the end of this week. - JD