Food challenges in the Treasure Valley are nothing new. If you think you can handle massive amounts of food there are numerous locations you can visit to put yourself in a food coma.

The four challenges that most people know about are:

  1. The 18 Wheeler Challenge @ Wheeler's Handout in Nampa. The challenge is a 2 lb, 18-inch oval shaped burger loaded with bacon and cheese! Add on top a 20-ounce milkshake and 1/2 lb of french fries plus you have 30 minutes to devour everything. Completed in time and you get your name on the wall and a free meal. If you don't win you still get a t-shirt.
  2. Death By Pizza Challenge @ Westside Pizza in Star. You must finish an 18-inch pizza with all the meats you could possibly put on a pie plus they use their thick crust. If you get it done you score $100!
  3. Johnny B. Goode Challenge @ Rockies Diner in Boise. This challenge is legendary consisting of 6 pounds of food. 2-lb burger topped with cheese, a hot dog, pastrami, and covered in chili. Plus a gigantic helping of chili cheese fries and a 20-ounce milkshake. If completed in 30 minutes you score a Fender guitar and t-shirt.
  4.  Purgatory Challenge @ Wing Nutz in Nampa. It's 10 of the hottest wings around, you're not allowed any dipping sauce or drinks to mask the pain. The only way to win is beat the previous winners time. OUCH!

If you're a carnivore and looking for a steak challenge there one out in Caldwell you can attempt to take down. It's 72-ounces, that means four and a half pounds of meat, and if you eat it all in an hour then your meal is free. If you're not quite that adventurous you can do the "Dude" which is 8 ounces of sirloin. Or the "Wrangler" which is 16-ounces of ribeye steak or the "Rancher" whish is 14-ounces of ribeye.

One thing is for sure you will not leave hungry. Do you know anyone that could actually take down the 72-ounces of steak to beat the challenge in Caldwell?

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