The potato is not just what makes Idaho famous. Its become a symbol of our state as well. It has provided for our way of life in one way or another, and without the potato, Idaho and the Treasure Valley as we know it wouldn't be the same. So, this weekend, we celebrate the potato!

The Hot Potato Fest takes place in Caldwell at Indian Creek Plaza on August 14th, featuring different foods made from potatoes, potato-related activities, and live music from bands that love potatoes (we actually don't know that, but who doesn't love a potato?). This event is packed with so much fun, even a couch potato will have a good time, and everyone will be surprised to see all the things that a potato can do.

There are plenty of opportunities to become a winner at the Hot Potato Fest in one of the two potato-related contests. First, the Super Spud Creation Contest from 5pm to 8pm is a potato decorating contest. Decorate it at home and drop it off to be judged. There are prizes in each age category for the most creative. It's free to enter, and the prizes are provided by the Idaho Potato Commission. There are three age categories for 10 and under, 11-17, and 18+.

Second, there is the Mommy's Little Piggy Mashed Potato Eating Contest at 6:30pm. This is precisely what you think it is. You have to be the first to finish your potato without using your hands or utensils. There are three age categories for 10 and under, 11-17, and 18+.

Live music from Audio Moonshine and Dave Nudo begins at 5pm. You won't want to miss all of the food trucks making potato dishes all evening. The Hot Potato Fest in Caldwell will prove that it's no small potato when Idahoans put on a show! (I had been saving that last line since I started writing this. Your welcome!)

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