It took me 6 tries to become a licensed driver, and I'm still surprised it worked out. On one occasion I drove the opposite direction on a one way street. On another I literally hit a car 7 seconds after I started the test. I was pulling out of my spot and overturned the wheel, so I scraped the side of the car parked next to me. The pressure of the physical driving test was too much for me, apparently. Don't worry, I've never had any issues since I got the legal go ahead to drive. No car accidents. Still living.

But it's the written part of the exam I want to talk about. I'm a naughty girl and have yet to procure an Idaho driver license, so I'm gearing up to get that done. Thankfully I don't have to take the manual test, just the written. But I didn't want to start studying if I didn't have to. I took the practice test to see how well I could do based on my inherent  knowledge.

Out of the 60 questions, by the time I got to question 35 it was clear I failed. These are just a couple of the questions I got wrong:


  • In what situation is it legal to pass in an intersection?



  • In what situation is it legal to pass a vehicle on the right, as long as you don’t leave the road?

How'd you do? The answer to the first question is the third option. The answer to the second question is the first option. I actually answered each question incorrectly multiple times. Looks like I'll have to study after all.

Take the practice test for yourself and see if you truly belong on these Idaho streets.

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