It was not long ago that hope had been lost in terms of enjoying college football this season. Covid-19 put the kibosh on damn near everything in 2020. Now, though drastically different than in years past, we are anxiously awaiting BSU's first game of the season this Saturday.

For those wanting to attend in person, that's off the table. The closest you'll get to sitting by that blue field is sending a cardboard cutout in your stead. The cost is $50 and you can click here to make that happen. But you don't have to stay home if that sounds like a bummer way to start the season.

Legends Sports Pub and Grill has opened up their game room to accommodate fans wanting to watch the game. It had been closed since March, but now will be available to patrons with precautions in place to minimize the risk of Covid as much as possible. Masks required, social distanced seating, and frequent sanitation. There may be restrictions on what games can be played if any.

Happy Hour is from 3pm-6pm, and the game starts at 5pm. So get there early to take advantage and catch a pre-game buzz. Beer, well liquor, and well wine are 50% off. But don't get too wasty pants. Order the dollar off appetizers before they go full price so you can settle your stomach and make it through the whole game.

Legends will be open for all BSU games, even next month against Hawaii, which starts at 9pm. So any time you want to watch a game, head to Legends. They have a spot for you.


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