Are you ready for the weekend? I was just thinking exactly what the world will be this weekend and came up with this, the same. Just a new President, maybe.

Once we get through the election mess and all the drama that will follow. There is a quiet excitement happening at Boise State with the Broncos and that is something to celebrate.

BSU just moved up to #23 in the rankings and will face-off against rival BYU on Friday. This won't be just any game for the Broncos as this isn't any same old year. We don't know how the end of the season plays out as some play more games, less games, loss players to COVID-19 and there's plenty more.

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The undefeated #21 Boise State Broncos will play the undefeated #9 BYU on Friday. The Cougars have won 7 straight games and just happen to also be the one team that can mess with BSU. One of the Broncos 2 losses last season was by 3 points against BYU.

There is no doubt this is a different BYU team this year and BSU's starting Quarterback didn't start over the weekend due to positive COVID-19 results. We saw some Broncos go down on Saturday with injuries so we'll see what that means. This is a major game for both teams. That means it's all on the line Friday nights under the lights. You won't have the screaming Bronco fans with is heavily populated by BYU fans. The empty seats could actually benefit BSU this year

If BSU upsets BYU and can stay healthy down the stretch we might be on a historic run. Obviously, it's one game at a time but Friday night's game is a big one. BYU is the favorite this weekend by about 5 percentage points.

While people are still collecting and counting votes by Friday (who knows) all eyes will be on this game.

Go Broncos!


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