For the last eight years I've been contemplating/planning a breast lift and reduction. I was just 14 by the time I was wearing D-cups, and by high school graduation I was in F-cup land. Then I had a baby and another baby, leaving me with what I call my over sized skin pendulums. They are difficult to dress and support and cause me a lot of back pain.

I had planned my surgery for May of this year, but the whole Covid crisis put a damper on that plan for various reasons. Living off savings during furlough, gaining the quarantine 15 (putting me out of the proper weight range for surgery), moving for work to get back on top of savings, the safety concern--a lot of things.

Now that everything is settling down I'm back on my fitness, which means I'm back to planning for a reduction and lift. My original plans were with a surgeon in Las Vegas, but I'm looking for a doctor here now. I'd rather not be travelling a ton during the pandemic.

Have you gone through this? Any suggestions on who I should have a consultation with? Kramer Plastic Surgery is first on my list, but I'm open to suggestions from anyone with experience.


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