Call me an intellect, perhaps a bit pretentious with my reading materials but this is the book I'd like to share with you today. "Whose Butt?" by Stan Tekiela.

Is it a kids book? Perhaps. But I was highly entertained by it for one read-through and now it sits on my coffee table.

A wildlife photographer by the name of Stan Tekiela apparently had a ton of failed pictures he had tried to get of various animals where they turned around and he ended up getting a picture of their butt. So you see an animal's butt on one page, and the game is to guess the animal, on the next page, the animal is revealed.

Ok, so maybe this isn't hard hitting literature, and it is a picture book, but it's a great coffee table piece/conversation starter. And honestly, I didn't know MOST of the butts!

Check it out when you get a chance. I give it 5 out of 5 stars!

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