I guess it's a side effect of the quarantine but it seems Americans in general, are a little less hygienic than we were pre-covid. But how does that stack up to the Treasure Valley?

Buzzfeed has figured out that only about 60% of Americans are showering daily these days. I'm part of the 60%! At least on the weekends... Saturdays come and I wake up and get breakfast and next thing you know it's 5pm and I'm applying deodorant for the second time.

66% of people are brushing their teeth twice per day. I will say that I try to do so but sometimes I end up in bed and that's a wrap. Either way I'm waking up with nasty breath in the morning.

Lastly, 13% of people don't change their underwear daily. That's a little disturbing. ESPECIALLY during the summer! It can get pretty hot here in the Treasure Valley so I'm going to assume we're all changing our underwear on a daily basis, no?

Take Buzzfeed's quiz yourself here!

Here are some tips for self-care during the pandemic:

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