It's racing biotch!  Boise's own Aaron Paul, who has appeared with Mike and Kate many times over the years recently took on the TV show Top Gear to take the " Reasonably Priced Car Challenge".  Aaron has a new movie coming out, ''The Need For Speed" and I'm pretty sure that because of the driving he had to do in that movie is why he did so well on the TV show Top Gear.

Andreas Rentz/Getty Images

He not only did well, but check out the video because he destroyed the old celebrity racing record and now sits atop the celebrity leader board.


Here is the celebrity leader board with my buddy Aaron on top

1:44.7 - Aaron Paul
1:46.1 - Hugh Jackman
1:46.8 - Warwick Davis
1:47.8 - Benedict Cumberbatch
1:48.9 - Joss Stone
1:49.4 - James Blunt
1:49.9 - Tom Hiddleston
1:49.9 - Ron Howard
1:51.0 - Steven Tyler