Outdoor dining in Boise is delightful. 

Come spring spring and summer, dining outdoors in a beautiful city like Boise is simply delightful. From its amazing weather to its spectacular sights, it's the refreshing experience so many of us need after a long and dreary winter. As the sun shines and the temperatures warm up, so do we.

Locals love downtown Boise for its lively and vibrant atmosphere.

Tree-lined streets, bustling patios, charming cafes—it's the intersection of quaint and charming. It's where many of us go to indulge in delectable food, live local music, and people-watching. Some folks are there simply to recharge and soak in the city’s invigorating vibe.

Alfresco dining brings people together.

Great company, divine eats, and stunning views of the Boise foothills is a recipe for a fantastic night out. There's something about dining outdoors that makes us feel more connected to our community.

Whether we're out with friends or family, or striking up a conversation with diners at the next table over, it's an experience that fosters a sense of connection and shared joy. Stitched together, these elements make dining outdoors in downtown Boise a beautiful and memorable experience you won't find any place else.

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4 Boise Rooftop Restaurants with Incredible Drinks, Food & Views of the Treasure Valley

Fantastic food & happy hours coupled with breathtaking views of Boise make these rooftop restaurants THE place to be this summer!

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4 Boise Restaurants A-List Celebrities Love Eating At

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9 Restaurants Boise Parents With Picky Eaters & Crazy Kids Love

When you're one meltdown away from cooking another dinner your feral children decline, head out to one of these Boise restaurants.

No matter where you end up, rest assured that the food will be great and not overpriced, the kids will have fun, and you'll be off the hook for kitchen clean-up.

In the parenting world, we call that a win.

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Downtown Boise's Perfect Patio Crawl for Outdoor Dining

Ask almost any Idahoan, and they'll agree life is better lived outdoors. When it comes to dining alfresco, it's no different! Scroll on for a top seven list of outdoor dining venues that make for the perfect Downtown Boise patio crawl!

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When & Where Idaho Kids Can Eat For FREE This Summer

Thanks to West Ada School District, here is where and when parents can take kids to eat for free this summer.

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Boise Parks You Can Drink In While Your Kids Play

Looking to throw yours or your kid’s next birthday bash, celebration, or bangin' barbeque on the Boise Greenbelt?

Look no further because we have good news for you, friend. Gin n’ juice, beer, and wine are welcome at these six parks with an easy-to-secure permit and reservation.

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7 of Idaho's Best Cities for LGBTQ+ Families

Embark on a journey that transcends stereotypes and discover why Idaho stands as an inviting haven for LGBTQ+ families.

From vibrant urban centers to serene landscapes, explore the myriad reasons why Idaho is more than just a place to live; it's a welcoming embrace for those seeking a thriving and accepting environment for their families.

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Free Spring & Summer Bowling for Kids at 9 Idaho Bowling Alleys

In partnership with Kids Bowl Free, the nine bowling alleys in the gallery below offer two free games of bowling per day to Idaho kids and families all spring and summer long.

Bonus: 4 of the alleys are in the Treasure Valley 🎳

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