I live for the type of meal that is so delicious you go out of your way to consume it even if you literally just ate three donuts and are so full you could die. We had donuts at work  in celebration of Moug's birthday and I stuffed myself silly. Even so, when someone mentioned Bombay Grill, I immediately insisted on going there for lunch. My stomach was more than full, but my heart told me to go anyway.

Lunch is set up buffet style. Per Covid-19 precautions it's been modified to have a server pile your plate, you simply dictate. My server filled my plate with rice, channa masala, and vegetable pakoras. Any sense of shame out the window, I asked her to load up a little more. Her alarmed face didn't faze me.

I sat down in a booth with Moug and we couldn't help but admire the restaurant itself. It seems like everywhere you look, you notice a new piece of art or decor. I'm also a sucker for old buildings, and Bombay is situated inside the historic Idanha Hotel. I hate to be so millennial (do I?), but it's a vibe.

Somehow I devoured my mountainous plate of food. Seriously, I was already full when we arrived but I had to take advantage! The lunch buffet is only $11.95. I wanted all the bang for my buck. I also considered going back for dinner, but I remained so wildly stuffed I was too sluggish to make my way out of the house again.

The dinner menu offers even more vegan options, so I'll be heading back soon. This time I'll go on an empty stomach. If there's a different Indian restaurant you prefer, let me know. I don't want to limit my options. But Bombay Grill never disappoints.


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