Trending across social media is the "He's a '10' but..." trend. Well, we're swapping out the male suitor for Boise. Read on for a list of Boise's hot and not-hot qualities we rounded up for you.

Boise's a total babe. Like, a solid dime, a smoke show, and Stiffler's mom rolled into a fat dutchie you have no intention of passing on the left-hand side.

I once heard a guy say he loves Boise so much, that he'd crawl through a field of cow pies to suck a fart out of a potato's...never mind. Transplant cowboy had the tater-hots for B-Town. And he's not the only one trying to hit it and never quit it with our pretty City of Trees. Many a lady's been seduced by Boise's Boy-see-ness. All things considered, the code checks out, friend. The Gem State's capitol is an index of culture, commerce, and unlimited creativity. Only a charlatan would deny it.

Harrison Boulevard alone is a haven of historical storied homes adored by locals and visitors alike. Come Halloween, it's THE place to be. And, if you're in the mood for brews, Boise's bounty of micro breweries awaits. If you like it good and hard, BoDo's mixologists can concoct a drink stiff enough to chip a tooth.

As for Boise's festivals, they're absolutely something to write home about. In fact, we insist on it. Boise Music Festival and the Spirit of Boise Balloon Festival are the two most celebrated events in the Treasure Valley and beyond. The only thing more beloved is the Boise River Greenbelt—a 25-mile tree-lined beltway that connects the Treasure Valley's cities and citizens through exercise, exploration, and entertainment.

But here's the deal: Boise's a total "10" but far from perfect. Here's list of reasons why Boise's earned a place on the Crazy-Hot Girlfriend Matrix.

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Boise's a "10" but... [Photo Gallery!]

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