I wrote an article back in November about The Farmer's Almanac winter prediction for 2020-21. They missed the sunny outlook projection in Texas which is now on a statewide shutdown. What about Idaho?

We've seen one of the biggest snows in the last few years as everyone loves to refer back to, "Snowmageddon." We're not getting that level of snow, but Mother Nature plans to drop 4-6 inches tonight.

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There is a Winter Advisory being reported by my friend Siri on my iPhone right now. She's usually correct but you have to be on as things change. Plus, nobody ever blames Siri. This could impact your drive home and commute in the morning as temperatures dip below freezing.

The Winter Storm Warning runs until 5 PM on Friday with expectations to reach 7 inches in the Treasure Valley. That would be on the high level and close to 9 inches in the upper mountain areas. Regardless, this will impact travel going into the weekend. Don't think we're out of the snowy woods just quite yet. The Old Farmer's Almanac is hitting it out of the park right now.

  • Feb 8-13 (Snow Showers turning cold)
  • Feb 14-17 (Sunny, Mild)
  • Feb 18-28 (Snowy Periods then sunny, cold)
  • Mar 1-8 (Snow Showers, then sunny, cold)
  • Mar 9-17 (Rain and snow showers north; sunny, mild south)
  • Mar 18-26 (Snow Showers, cold)
  • Mar 27-31 (Showers, Mild)

There's a snapshot while planning as we head towards Spring. That's a late contribution of snow showers that we might want to keep an eye on. This isn't gospel, but the Farmer's Almanac is been pretty close to perfect.


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