There is so much heartbreaking news in the country right now that it's important we find the positive moments to highlight. Boise always seems to find a way to catch other people's attention and maybe that's why so many know about us.

Boise was just ranked #4 of the cities by that spending is recovering the fastest during COVID-19. Let me first say this is in no way a celebration as we still see people right here in Idaho hurt but it's a glimmer of hope.

This is great news for several reasons as we see the jobs report adding over 24,800 jobs and unemployment dropping 2 percent in June for the state of Idaho. Boise isn't sitting around any no names when it comes to the company. Detroit, Boston, Philadelphia, and the three major cities that beat Boise.

Courtesy: Smartasset
Courtesy: Smartasset

SmartAsset did a very thorough breakdown of all cities and it goes deeper. Consumers are spending 48% more on apparel and 32% increases in dining. Doing this just continues to add jobs unless we see what's kind of happening now. There is a major political play in masks right now with a Presidential Election just months away. Idaho was just named in this "Hot 11" states that are seeing the most spikes in COVID-19 cases. The rumor is we could move back to possibly stage two. People are fighting about wearing masks and nobody is on the same side. Hopefully, the worst isn't ahead of us.

Be safe and be careful. Boise continues to jump ahead of the curve in growth and now somewhat bouncing back during COVID-19.


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