Here we go Bronco Nation! The pre-season polls are out, the stage is set for the underdog season and Boise State has just been moved to primetime on ESPN for the season opener.

BSU was originally to play with the other million games on Saturday in which this game gets lost. This has changed and it's going to be a huge opportunity for the Broncos Thursday night, September 2 on ESPN.

New Mexico v Boise State
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Boise State Broncos Opens Thursday Night Against UCF

This feels like a larger opportunity for the blue and orange than usual. Go back to last year and fans could purchase a seat in the form of a cardboard cutout for $50. The season began on October 24 at Albertson's Stadium against Utah State. BSU wins that by almost 30 points to lose a few weeks later against #9 BYU by almost the same margin. The Season would end with a loss in the Mountain West Championship against #25 San Jose State by 14 points.

Coach Harsin would then leave for Auburn and that brings us to the 2021 season. We have basically a brand new squad from Athletic Direction to all the coaches and players. There is no idea on what this season will look like especially knowing we have this Delta Variant fo the coronavirus lingering above. The fans most recently were told to wear masks or you can't attend. The season will be interesting, to say the least, but this announcement gives the fans a shot in the arm.

Boise State v UNLV
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The BSU season opener will be an away game on UCF's home turf. The Broncos have a 17.8% chance of winning this game according to ESPN's matchup predictor. I guess you could say we're the definite underdog in this game. Just don't tell Bronco Nation that because real Bronco fans always believe their team can beat anyone, anywhere, and anytime.

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