I've always loved football season, and especially the time of year when the college bowl games begin.

On Christmas breaks from school growing up I'd have time with friends and family and I'd play in basketball tournaments, but much of the weeks for me were about putting on flannel pants and acquiring a big tub of spreadable cheese, and cuddling up with some crackers and watching games. As they say on ESPN, Bowl Week is the "most wonderful week of the year."  I wonder if they're talking just about the football, or the snacks too?

You heard where Boise State is headed right?

The Broncos are going to at Aloha Stadium to play Oregon State in the Sheraton Hawaii Bowl on Christmas Eve.

Let's GO there!  The only thing that can beat a Bowl Game on the couch with flannel pants and a tub of spreadable cheese, is watching a Bowl Game IN Hawaii.  The Broncos didn't have a perfect season with a record of 8-4, but it ends on a perfect note if you ask me.

Not every team gets to travel to a place like Honolulu to play a bowl game.  Some teams have to spend bowl week in El Paso or Shreveport.  Not that there's anything wrong with that... Just sayin', Hawaii is a pretty great place to play football, and an enviable place for fans to travel to in support of the team.

The kickoff is set for 3pm Hawaii time on Christmas Eve, which will make it 6pm our time. My family will have some soup on the stove and eat spreadable cheese I'm sure, we'll pour a glass of wine, let the kids open the annual gift of cozy new pajamas, and kick back and cheer on the Broncos.

If you happen to be out and about that night, you can see the game on the WatchESPN app.

Go Broncos!