I'm going to come right out and say it - Boise is ready for an NFL team. Why not? Imagine the benefits across the Treasure Valley and why this would be good for pretty much everyone. Could we support an NBA team? Maybe. Could we support a Major League Baseball team? Possibly? But there is no doubt in my mind that we could support an NFL team.

Now, we're in the thick of the NFL season and seeing other cities show out for their teams is giving me an itch like no other... it's time for Boise to grow.

Look, I get it - most people don't want more people moving into Boise or the surrounding areas. I totally get that. With that in mind, it wouldn't be a sudden addition of a football team that tips the imaginary "population-scale" over. We already know that's inevitable with the arrival of Meta, the expansion of Micron, and several other tech companies looking to plant their roots in or around Boise.

If we know the population is going to continue to rise, why not embrace it by openly campaigning for an NFL team? If you don't believe this town can't support a pro football team, look no further than the Boise State games (and the tailgates!). This town loves football and I can certainly tell you that this weather was designed for football.

It's time, Boise. It's time to embrace the future, accept the fact that the Treasure Valley will continue to grow, and that we ought to treat ourselves with the addition of a football team. Let's dive into the reasons why this would be good for the Treasure Valley...

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