One thing the Treasure Valley is NOT, is boring.  We've got a good population mix in the Treasure Valley that helps us constantly learn and grow, and that will continue if some key visionaries have their way.  There's a summit happening today on the Boise State campus that's aimed at helping businesses and organizations increase diversity.  

Boise State is hosting the third annual Diversity and Inclusion Summit today, and it's organized by the Boise State University Responsible Business Initiative.

There were so many people interested in finding unique ways to embrace diversity and inclusion at work, that it didn't take long for the tickets to sell out.  Boise Weekly says they're having panel discussions and presentations today on diversity and inclusion, and an afternoon session on social justice.  More than 30 Treasure Valley businesses are represented at the summit.

That business initiative group at Boise State is planning another diversity summit for 2018, so we can start planning now for that.

I don't think I'm going out on a limb here by saying it just feels better to have a diverse network of people in our lives.  Doesn't it?  I've learned so much about things like food, music, traditions, and history from my diverse group of friends and they've made my life richer in so many ways.  Add that dynamic to the workplace, and the sky is the limit.

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