Boise Startup Week is coming up in early October, and if you have a cool new invention or blockbuster business idea that you've been waiting to share, this could be the opportunity you've been waiting for.

Boise Startup Week is free, and gives you the chance to network and meet the people that can help you launch your new business.  There's a pitch competition too, that could help you win some resources for your cause.  Boise State likes the idea, and posted on its Facebook page that Boise Startup Week the first week of October (Oct. 4-6) at the new Venture College Pitch Center.

Over those three days budding business leaders can mingle with Boise’s best startup mentors at workshops and events that will help them refine their vision and business plan.  On Friday, October 6th the finalists will have the chance to pitch their ideas to a panel of successful investors, entrepreneurs and advisors as part of a pitch competition. Winners can get their hands on prize packages that will help grow their businesses. There's still space to apply for that pitch competition, and organizers say it takes about five minutes when you click HERE.

To register for Boise Startup Week and catch the keynote speakers, block party, and the workshops, go to  General admission is free, and there are other levels too if you decide to buy up and get extra access.

May you be the one that brings us the next big thing that makes us all ask ourselves why we didn't think of it.  (Preferably not a fidget spinner or pumpkin spice granola bar because we've had our fill.)  It's the Treasure Valley version of Shark Tank.  Good luck!

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