Well, the Boise spots are part of a national chain that has earned the honors, but since none of the rest of us made the list, why not high five them?  Ok, nice work lovely gas station on State Street.  With locations on West Chinden and South Eisenman too.Glassdoor asked 800-thousand people what they liked and disliked about their employers and each company was ranked with 1 to 5 stars.

What would you say? What matters most at work and what makes it great or not great? The pay package is important cuz nobody works for free, but if the people are fun and the boss creates a good energy for the rest of the environment, that makes a pretty cool place to work, at least in my experience. You've heard how awesome Mike and Kate are on the air, and Jeff and the entire staff.  Fun places foster creativity.

Office culture and good co-workers were most important on this survey, but good salaries and benefits were factors too.

Google was number one. Chevron also made the top 10 at number 6.  With this news I might quit paying at the pump so I can go inside and see how happy you guys are.  Ya gonna ask for a raise?

CNN posted the original story, and for the entire list of the top places to work, click HERE.