Some Ada County Highway District street sweepers will soon have a new, colorful look!

ACHD held a contest to design a new wrap for the sweepers, and a senior at the Dennis Career Technical Education Center, named Olivia Tocher is the first winner!

She got to see her art on the sweeper during an award ceremony at her school yesterday. She also got a gift card and a certificate.

She said her design theme is "What goes down the drain goes down the river."

She wanted to show how something can be so beautiful but also what happens if we mistreat it.

I've really enjoyed the stories we have seen in recent months about local students entering contests where there art or talents are getting recognized.

Just last month, I wrote a story about a Mountainview High School student selected as State winner for a Google art contest. What an honor to be recognized for their work and inspire them to keep doing what they love.

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