When the pandemic hit public schools were rocked with uncertainty on just how to handle it. Safety is obviously high priority, but kids still need to learn. It's been about a year of this "new normal" (Gosh, I hate that phrase). And there still isn't a one size fits all solution to schooling. The Boise School District just rejected a motion for full-time in person schooling to resume for grades Pre-k through second and special education. Meanwhile my kid has been physically attending school full time since November in West Ada County.

For most kids, however, some version of distance learning was employed for a time or is still being employed. Many parents, myself included, have shared the sentiment that distance learning just isn't as conducive to meaningful learning the way in person school is. Hence, the constant battle over sending kids back to school.

But what about the kids who are thriving with distance learning? I have seen children flourish who normally scrape by in the classroom. For some kids, their learning style and personality style just doesn't vibe with the normal classroom environment and this pandemic has provided a silver lining where they've discovered they are not academic failures at all. And that's awesome.

When the pandemic finally ends and all schools return to standard operation, what will happen to these children? Will they be provided with a more remote learning option? We now know it's possible to do, so I'd hate for them to be thrust back into an environment that wasn't suiting their needs. It's something to request when the time comes, and I fully support any kid who needs this for success.

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