The Boise Rescue Mission opened up on October 13th, 1958 in what used to be a Chinese restaurant, and 6 million meals later they're about to hit a huge milestone anniversary.

New Yorkers may not think of Boise as having a huge homeless population, but it's all relative.  We may not have hundreds of thousands who live without shelter, but it's a large enough chunk of the population that the Boise Rescue Mission has become an essential part of life for many.

The Boise Rescue Mission started serving people sixty years ago out of that former Chinese Restaurant on Capitol Boulevard, and since then they've provided 2.25 million shelter stays, and 6 million meals, according to KTVB.

The Mission held a 60th-anniversary celebration Friday night at JUMP in Downtown Boise and thanked people across the Treasure Valley for being so willing to jump in and offer time and money anytime it's been needed over the years.  Sixty years of helping people wouldn't have been possible without, well...the helpers!

It's not just the homeless population that's served by the Mission, but anyone who deals with hunger, homelessness or addiction in the Treasure Valley.  The Mission says its purpose is to see the lives of men, women, and children in the community truly transformed along the way.

The Mission might stop for a second to recognize its official anniversary on Saturday, and then it will be right back to business.  Boise Rescue Mission Day is coming up Monday, October 15th, and that's a food and supply drive at all Fred Meyer locations from 9am-6pm.  They'll have representatives at each store to answer questions and accept donations.

Or click HERE to donate anytime.

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