It's no doubt that the pandemic shook up the workforce for good. Ultimately it's resulted in more people questioning the traditional 9-5 and being comfortable working from home.

Obviously one of the benefits of remote work is being able to live literally wherever! It's especially beneficial if you're working in a city with a lower living cost but working for a company based out of a city with a higher pay rate. This concept has remote workers intentionally moving to places just like Boise. Here's why. determined Boise as a top 3 best city for remote work based off these metrics:

  1. Overall satisfaction and prevalence of remote-friendly jobs
  2. Housing Affordability
  3. Access to Urban Amenities
  4. Access to Natural Amenities

Out of the top 10 cities on the list, Boise actually has the 2nd highest affordability score with 2-bedroom apartments running for $1,229. This price seems a little unreasonable if you've lived in Boise you're whole life but as we all know by now, Boise's affordability score is only going to down as the city is quickly gaining popularity. So this could change even in the next year or so.

As for the natural amenity score that Boise received, it's pretty impressive which is no shocker. Of the 230 cities in the sample, Boise scored the highest in the natural amenities index, by far. As the website notes, we are gifted with the "perfectly bikeable 25-mile Boise River Greenbelt, nearby hikes at Table Rock Trail or the slopes just 18 miles away at Bogus Basin Ski Resort, Boise has something for every outdoor enthusiast."

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