The Boise Police are wanting to speak with a man being accused of recording inside of a changing room in Boise. Our friends at KTVB are reporting that multiple witnesses saw the man holding up a cell phone over the top of a private dressing room while it was occupied.

If you recognize the man in the picture above you're being asked to contact Crime Stoppers immediately at 208-343-COPS or

The incident took place on Friday, July 12th, inside a store near Milwaukee and Emerald Streets. It unclear if the man actually captured any video or photos of the victim. Police stated that he ran from the store before they could arrive.

The white man has or had dirty blonde hair that covers his forehead and a short beard. He was wearing a green Polo shirt, blue jeans and sunglasses on top of his head.

This incident could be a possible felony video voyeurism, and law enforcement wants to speak with the suspect as soon as possible.

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