No one wants to get a ticket, especially around the holidays. To lessen our stress, the Boise Police Department is handing out a very cool act of kindness. 

If you get pulled over by the Boise Police between now and Christmas for a minor infraction such as going slightly over the speed limit or having a license plate that is expired, you're likely to get off with a couple of candy bars instead of a ticket.

According to an article on, the Boise Police are calling this a "reward fine" and you're expected to pay one of the chocolate bars forward to someone who needs a little holiday cheer. The police will also most likely issue a verbal warning.

Don't get too used to the leniency though, they say it's back to business after Christmas!

They say their goal is for everyone to arrive home safely this year and to spread some Christmas cheer! We certainly appreciate it.

When it's not the holiday season and you get pulled over it, how have you attempted to get out of a ticket?

My ex-husband always plays gospel music and it seems to work pretty well for him. I've tried crying, rationalizing, and denial, but none of that works at all. I tend to get a ticket every time, but I guess this generosity from the Boise Police even works with me for the next few days!

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