We might have more millenials moving here after this.  Boise has made the Top 25 Most Livable Cities List released by Vocativ.   

The new list looked at things like rent and restaurant prices, weather, salaries, and opportunities for creative types, and says Boise is a great place for millenials (which is the cool way to refer to people 35 and under).

Your thoughts?  The list also measured access to live music and sports.  Home cities for the 49ers, Broncos, and Seahawks ranked high.  And you know we love bringing you the Boise Music Festival every year!  Maybe next year we'll play the game "count the millenials" and high five each other for being on this list.

Boise ranks 11th!  Here's the entire list.

1. New York, NY
2. Arlington, TX
3. San Francisco, CA
4. Denver, CO
5. Austin, TX
6. Minneapolis, MN
7. Seattle, WA
8. Saint Paul, MN
9. Madison, WI
10. Portland, OR
11. Boise, ID
12. Fort Worth, TX
13. Los Angeles, CA
14. Dallas, TX
15. Lubbock, TX
16. Houston, TX
17.Washington, DC
18. Boston, MA
19. Oklahoma City, OK
20. Lincoln, NE
21. Irving, TX
22. Winston-Salem, NC
23. Plano, TX
24. Chicago, IL
25. Henderson, NV