Pulling up on a left arrow in Boise: proactive or a jerk move? 

Picture it: you’re at the light on Milwaukee and Emerald, totally jazzed for a kid-free/spouse-free Target run, when you pull forward and come to a halt in the middle of the intersection.  

Traffic isn’t clearing and there’s only so much time left until you’re stuck inside one the busiest crossroads in Boise. Before you know it, the light changes, and you just became the driver the local collective hates. Way to go.  


Outside of legality, some Idahoans see creeping on red as being proactive,whereas others see it as a jerk move. What do you think? Email your opinion to ryan.valenzuela@townsquaremedia.com. 


What happens if Boise drivers get stuck in an intersection?

It depends. According to Section 49-461 of the Idaho State Legislature, it’s legal for drivers to pull forward on yellow in anticipation of a left turn. That said, if local law enforcement were to determine that a driver did so prematurely, carelessly, or at the risk of other drivers or pedestrians, it’s within their purview to issue a moving violation.  

Courteous and responsible driving matters to Idahoans.  

Ultimately, it boils down to courtesy and doing the right thing behind the wheel. By resisting the temptation to jut into the intersection prematurely, you're contributing to the overall safety and fluidity of Boise streets.  

Idahoans value responsibility and keeping the roads orderly is a sign of respect and accountability for a lot of us. So, let’s all do our part to maintain our composure at intersections and our streets as safely as possible.  

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