Not all heroes drive a Prius...

But one Boise driver does. It was a morning like any other. My fifth-grader and I had just pulled up to the red light at State and Eagle when the car in front of us caught my eye. The little lime green Prius stuck out like a sore thumb across four lanes of cars whose owners who would sooner die than drive a Prasshole—myself included. But to each their own, right?

The Boise Prasshole caught my eye a second time. 

Three or four minutes later, we still hadn't crossed Eagle. As I started entertaining the idea that this was traffic penance for the gazillion times Boise P.D. hadn't caught me speeding, the citrus-colored Prasshole caught my eye again. Only this time it wasn't the car itself.

It was a rectangular black, white, and red bumper sticker about the same size as an index card with words I could only half make out. Since there was no end in sight for my stint in driver's purgatory, I inched forward to get a better look at it.'s what's for breakfast.

Before I could even read it aloud for my fifth-grader, I burst into a fit of laughter. It was one of those weird, mad-scientist laughs you only hear from overtired toddlers and politicians dodging questions about their alleged sexual deviances.

Wiping the tears from eyes with my cardigan sleeve in one hand and taking pictures with the other, my fifth-grader was unphased by my hysterics. To be fair, she'd grown accustomed to being raised by her basket case of a mother long before then.

This is the best, most honest bumper sticker I've ever seen in Boise.

The light had just turned green when my daughter asked me to tell her what was so funny. Since I could barely stop laughing long enough to get the words out, I handed her my phone so she could see the pic herself. This is what she saw...

Photo Credit: R.A. Valenzuela // Canva
Photo Credit: R.A. Valenzuela // Canva

"Sorry for speeding...I have Irritable Bowel Syndrome."

Is it just me? Or is this not one of the funniest, most amazing bumper stickers you've ever seen in Boise or anyplace else?!

A few hours later, I was up to my neck in work when the bumper stick popped in my head and set off another round of ridiculous laughter. That's when I realized the never-ending light on State and Eagle that morning wasn't penance, it was a blessing.

Shout-out to the Boise Prius driver who made my day. The next time nature calls as you're behind the wheel, hope you make it to the nearest gas station in time.

Tell me your thoughts & share your funny/weird/awkward/and WTH?! bumper stickers at 

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