Complicated return policies are the worst.

You buy something, you get home, you open it up and realize it's not what you wanted. To make matters worse, the return policy that's written in 6pt font is about as easy to read as Egyptian hieroglyphics. If you ask us, few first world problems are more irritating than buying something you didn't know you couldn't return.

Returns: terms & time limits

Some stores give you 30 days, others give you 14 or as little as a week to make a return. If you're a whiz with time management, we can see how a seven-to-30-day timeline would seem reasonable. But for us, the chronic procrastinators and the always-late-crowd, it's an unattainable timeline.

Our work-life balance is as unbalanced as it gets. Time limits and terms of condition are pretty low on our totem pole. As for restocking fees, please. Paying to return something that didn't work out? That's a hard pass for us, y'all.

Surprise: Walmart actually has return policy standards.

Even more surprising is that Walmart actually enforces return standards for certain products and devices. We had no idea until until we tried returning an unopened eye drop guide. You know the thing that helps you put eye drops in yours or your kid's eyes? Yeah, that's a "no" from Walmart, friend. And that's just the tip of the spear.

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