Like the draw of a horror film or jumping out of an airplane, the idea of meeting a ghost is thrilling. And we're not the only ones who think so. A poll from Ghosts & Gravestones reveals up to 45% of Americans believe in ghosts and hauntings.

While greater Idaho is known for potatoes and gem stones, the Boise area has quite the reputation for paranormal activity. If meeting a ghost is on your bucket list, you're in luck! We're highlighting six of Boise's most haunted places where you're likely to spot a ghost.

6 Perfect Places for Meeting Ghosts in Boise

If meeting a ghost is on your bucket list, look no further than these 6 Boise-area buildings. But careful! Some of these aren't the friendliest of ghosts.

6 Creepy Idaho Legends That Will Keep You Up at Night

Scroll on for a gallery of urban legends that have been passed down from one Idaho generation to the next. 

Joplin Cemetery: Idaho's Most Unique Burial Grounds

Joplin's Cemetery - Est. 1882 - Eagle, Idaho

"To the memory of the pioneer families who came to this valley in 1880. This sacred place is reserved and perpetuated as they found it. Dry and desolate, many were the hardships and privations endured. Dedicated to the spirit of the old timers and pioneers."
 Scroll on for a unique tour of Idaho's most interesting cemetery!
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