Boise's newest pizza restaurant is part of a larger development that will include a coffee shop and apartments, and it's within walking distance of Julia Davis Park and The Greenbelt.  

The Fowler apartments aren't finished just yet, but this new pizza restaurant sounds like a nice little carrot to dangle in front of the noses of potential renters.  Pizza down below and apartments up above. YUM.  With pizza right there, it might be breakfast, lunch, and dinner and we'd be okay with it.

Oh, and The Fowler development is just a short walk away from Trader Joe's if you want to toss some granola or kale or honey buttered potato chips into your diet. Then walk it off on The Greenbelt because that will be nearby too.  Boise is so walkable and liveable!  And they're adding more apartment communities that feed into that all the time.

As for the pizza, The Wylder opened last Thursday, and they're slow-baking pies with white or red sauce, organic tomatoes, and some locally-sourced ingredients.  We hear they have ribs and things too, if you're looking for more options than pizza.  Facebook comments say the Bronco pizza is totally worth the trip.  The point is, Boise has another restaurant that's doing its best to give us a creative menu that fits in well with the rest of the Treasure Valley.

In addition to pizza and apartments, The Fowler will have the coffee shop called Form and Function on the street level.  It sound like a cool place to be, and it's in the Central Addition, at 505 West Broad Street in Boise.  Even if we don't live there, we're goin' for the food!

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