Almost 400 Family Dollar Stores are expected to close this year which means a lot of the Treasure Valley stores will most likely be part of this mass slaughter that's expected to start taking place immediately.  The city of Boise has three Family Dollar Stores, all at risk, and nobody, as of now knows which stores will get the ax and which stores will survive.

KTVB reports that 1/2 of the stores closing down will morph into Dollar Tree stores which are currently the parent company to the Family Dollar brand.  So we may see more Dollar Tree stores popping up in the Boise area but many will succumb to the failures of generating enough revenue to keep the company afloat.

I'll be honest.  I rarely set foot in a dollar store.  It's not because I'm TOO GOOD for it or I'm above that kind of thing... for me, it's bothersome that things don't cost a dollar in what's called a "Dollar Store".  Yeah.  It ticks me off when I pay $2 for something in a store that sends out the message that their products just cost $1.  That's probably stupid but it's how I think.

Bottom line is this... People are NOT spending money at Family Dollar Stores anymore and so they gotta go.  The only negative I see is that I hate it when anyone loses their job.  That, unfortunately, will be happening.  I also know that these stores are crucial in some small town areas across the country in providing residents their only source of food and retail shopping when big chains and local businesses have closed down.  Losing these stores in these areas could be a problem.

We'll keep you posted on exactly which Family Dollar Stores will be closing when that information is released.

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