They say that “a dog is a man’s best friend” and while they may be true for a lot of people, most would agree that a bond between man and dog runs much deeper than friendship – that bond is akin to family. Such is the case for Boise local, Hunter and his 3-year-old German shepherd named Grizzly. You can see more of what Grizzly looks like in the photos below.

“He’s raised him since he was a puppy,” Hunter’s girlfriend, Mackenzie shared over the phone.

“They’re inseparable, it’s truly amazing.”

This past Friday night, Hunter and Mackenzie were meeting up with friends who were set to get married. Instead of leaving Grizzly at home while they went out, they left him in their friend’s backyard with their dog to hang out and play for a few hours.

“We went out to dinner with friends who had asked us to be witnesses for signing for their wedding and we left Grizzly with their dog in their backyard on Fairview and Larch.”

When the group came back from dinner to retrieve Grizzly, the German shepherd was nowhere to be found.

“We found a chunk of fur on the fence so he hopped over,” Mackenzie shared.

Since that night, Hunter and his family have been on the hunt for Grizzly. In an email from Hunter’s mother, Sherry says the family is “devastated.”

“My son Hunter hasn’t slept or eaten in days… it is so very sad,” Sherry wrote. “The dog and he were inseparable.”

Mackenzie went on to share the silence around the home is heartbreaking and that’s driven them to reunite with their fur child more than ever. The couple reached out to the volunteer group ‘Ladies and the Trap’, which specializes in reuniting lost pets with their owners in the Boise area and continues to post hundreds of flyers for Grizzly around town.

Mackenzie describes Grizzly the German shepherd “being about 80 lbs., having beautiful black and brown hair, well-trained, and 3-years-old. He loves parks, loves the river, he’s remarkably fast, and he’s our best friend.” The flyer notes that Grizzly does not have his collar on.

If you spot Grizzly, the couple wants people to know to not approach him as he could get scared and is incredibly loyal to Hunter. Instead, the family is requesting that you contact them with the location and any other information about Grizzly.

“By all accounts, he's very scared,” wrote Sherry. “The Ladies and the Trap said not to call him by his name or try to catch him but to call one of us if he is seen.”

Mackenzie says Grizzly was possibly spotted last Saturday night near Orchard and Bond next to Wild Plum.

If you spot Grizzly, you can contact the owners at 208-369-0817 or Ladies and the Trap at 208-440-9254.

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