Boise Police Cpl. Kevin Holtry who was injured in the man hunt and shooting back in November has been at a hospital in Colorado seeing specialists in spinal injuries. He lost his left leg to amputation and is paralyzed. Doctors aren’t sure if he will walk again, but remains hopeful. When he comes home though, he will see a brand new home thanks to his fellow officers and our incredible community!

They started out with painting his daughters rooms and grew into tearing out all of his floors and putting in hardwood floors to help make it easier for him to get around, repainting his whole house, and updating appliances.

Almost everything was donated by local businesses.

They hope to make the rest of the house more livable for him by widening the doorways and hallways, making some of the rooms a little more open, and adding ramps.

Another incredible gesture from a couple of local woodworkers to honor the memory and sacrifice of the Boise Police K-9, Jardo, that died of complications from that same shooting, as well as the work of all police officers.

The handmade a bench and plaque that reads, "In Memory of Jardo. He Gave His Life in the Line of Duty." It’s absolutely beautiful. See the photos from KTVB, HERE.

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