Today's the day a Boise Craigslist user from Meridian stole our hearts.

It's actually something the unnamed local did back in 2008 that captured our admiration, but we only just discovered it. You see, our persistent agenda and search for Gem State victories, recognitions, and intriguing national rankings takes us down some pretty wild rabbit holes. And lo and behold, today's rabbit hole didn't disappoint.


Much to our intrigue, we learned Craigslist holds state-by-state best-of rankings. In a People's Choice of Craigslist-fashion, these rankings reflect the best listings and posts within each respective state. That's when it happened. We discovered a Boise Craigslist Best-of ranking that made us happier than a month of construction-free Treasure Valley traffic. It's remarkability has everything to do with the fact that the Meridian user's listing is 100% fake and satirical.


Composed by a writer with the heart of a smart a** and someone we'd probably be friends with, the bogus-turned-legendary for-sale listing holds its best-of title 14-years later.

Without further ado, we present to you the bogus Boise Craigslist post that won the 2008 Boise Craigslist Best-of Award.


Precise V5 Liquid Ink Rollerball Pen 

Direct Quote Originally Posted: 12/18/2008

"Hello and thanks for viewing my posting. Up for sale is a Pilot Precise V5 Liquid Ink Rollerball Pen that offers a unique micro precision point for a crisp, clean stroke. Large, economical ink supply. See-through ink reservoir window. Fine point writes 0.5mm lines; extra-fine point writes 0.3mm lines. Line width varies with degree of pressure.

This pen was purchased from Walmart no less than a month ago, and writes as if it was brand new. The pen originally came in a two pack, however it's mate was put through my washer and drier resulting in ink all over my clothes, thus I get rid of this pen as I consider it bad luck. Additionally, with the way our economy is going with the recession, 50¢ can buy me 3 packs of Ramen Noodles.

This pen was awarded the #1 rolling ball pen made in the U.S. and below is the technical specifications for this pen....

• Barrel - Plastic with visible ink supply
• Ink Color - Black
• Pocket Clip - Yes
• Point/Line Size - Extra Fine
• Type - Roller Ball

I really hate to get rid of this Pen, we have shared lots of memories together such as writing in my journal, balancing my check book, and even writing on my room mates face when he was sleeping.

The prospective buyer is welcome to come over and experience this pen "first hand", then you can decided wether or not it will be right for you.

I will only sell this pen locally. I don't really care if your brother that is on a business trip in Africa really needs a Precise V5, if he want's it that bad, he will get on an airplane and fly to Boise, Idaho to pick it up. So please, I am not interested in your checks. I will only accept coins in hand!

Oh and one last thing, please do not email me asking if the pen is still available, If you are reading this post... I still have it. Additionally, please do not try and low-ball me. I know how much this pen is worth.

• Local Sales Only • Delivery Available Depending On Location • Price is 50¢ FIRM"

There it is, folks. Idaho's claim to Craigslist fame is one all of us can champion. 

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