Beware, Bogus Basin Road is closed this evening due to hazardous road conditions. Here's what we know so far. 

The reason for the closure according to an article on KTVB is that the roads are icy and there are reports of blowing snow.

Two accidents have already occurred and it's assumed authorities want to prevent further crashes by closing the road at the Boise-Ada County line. Traffic is being redirected at West Curling Drive.

I'm assuming no night skiing tonight, but no word on how long the closure is expected to last.

Over the weekend, Bogus Basin was so busy that all of their parking lots filled up and some people had to be turned away.

My partner, Jeff went up with his family and said the roads were really bad and he'd advise anyone going to Bogus to have chains or at least 4-wheel-drive.

The storm has passed in the valley, but be careful out there and we'll let you know when we hear word that Bogus Basin Road has re-opened.

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