This Saturday, from noon to 6pm, Bogus Basin Mountain Recreation Area will host a big party to celebrate a rare 100-inch base at the ski area that they saw this year.

This is the type of thing that you only see once every 20 years or so. The base is now 83 inches at the summit, from a season total of 231 inches of snow!

The party will have a cash-only snowbar outside Simplot Lodge. Basically, think of a swim up bar you would see at a swanky resort, this snowbar is the equivalent of that!

To keep with the 100-inch theme, they will offer a drink discount of 100 cents off. Celebrate their 75th anniversary by enjoying 75 cent wings inside Simplot Lodge!

Take part in the many games and activities that will be going on. One being a frozen T-shirt contest, which may make you think of a wet T-shirt contest, but it is very different. Contestants will be handed a wadded up, frozen T-shirt. The first to get the shirt into a wearable condition and put it on wins! Brrrr, sounds too cold for me!

Another activity happening will be a tug-of-war and a dash for cash.
Find out more about this event and others HERE!

Thanks to all of that snow, Bogus Basin expects to stay open through April 16!

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