Hopefully "surprises" doesn't mean red-hot sunburns.  There will be other things that pop up, like opportunities to get great Facebook pics with cool people and chances to win fun, last minute prizes.

You've heard about "Show us Your Mix," right?  Decorate hats, shirts, your body, your purse....whatever you want to show off with MIX 106.  Or you could wear our logo colors - red, black, and white.  Come and check in at the Mix booth at BMF on Saturday and show us what ya got, and we'll announce what you win at 1pm.

Oh!  And you might have heard that we'll have Plain White T's stopping by our booth Saturday at 12:15pm for pics and autographs.  You'll want to gather around early, and listen for more details at the booth on Saturday.  They were in Salt Lake City last night, and they'll be in Joliet, Illinois on Sunday.  They're movers, so we gotta catch 'em while we can.

Lather on the sunscreen before you leave, and bring more with you!  Bring some extra for your guy, who never thinks he needs it.  He'll be a lobster by the end without it, and he'll love you more if you have some in your purse.

If you don't have tickets yet, click HERE. Today is the last day to buy the carnival wristbands, and heads up too that ticket prices go up by ten bucks tomorrow.

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