Unless you're driving some cool stretch of highway in a dope car, driving is one of the most blah parts of the day. Thankfully we have radio, namely Mix 106, to make the commute enjoyable. But no one can say they enjoy road work and the traffic congestion that comes with it. Throw in inclement weather from time to time, driving the Treasure Valley roadways can become quite the bane of your existence. My thoughts and prayers to anyone dealing with Karcher construction on the daily.

But worse than the annoyance of stop and go traffic is how dangerous the freeways are. And I'm not talking about the way people drive. We could go in circles all day about which drivers cause the most chaos (I promise not all drivers from California are bad!). The real issue are the random items that somehow make it onto the street, obstructing lanes and causing a ton of last minute swerving.

Today I had the joy of swerving in the rain to avoid a good ol' fashioned rake. In the last month I along with several other drivers have had to avoid weirdo things like that. Here are some of the bizarre things locals shared on Facebook that they have encountered during their commutes:
-kitchen sink
-metal filing cabinet
-a marmot

I'm honestly impressed there weren't reports of fiery crashes caused by some of these. I mean a metal filing cabinet? But the most stressful is when animals are crossing the freeway like it's nothing! But it appears everyone is used to this? Still, be careful out there.

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