High school football kicks off in the Treasure Valley in less than two weeks, and one local high school is doing everything it can to make sure its players are safe.  Have you seen what they're wearing in practice?

Bishop Kelly has won three straight titles, and they're not focusing just yet on winning a fourth.  In this Idaho Statesman video, they're talking about a commitment to practicing hard, and to being "1 and 0" and taking one game at a time.  They're disciplined.

And again this year, they're wearing special padded coverings over their helmets in practice to cut the risk of concussion by as much as 33 percent, according to KTVB. They've been wearing the helmet cushions for four years now, and many of the players say it helps them go full speed without having to worry about injury.

Do you think we'll ever see a day when high school, college, and pro teams print logos on these padded hats and wear them in games?  Hmm.  We should ask the Bishop Kelly guys for their thoughts, since they have experience with both.  Whatever helmets they wear, they're champs.

Bishop Kelly will kick off the season at home against Kuna on August 26.  Good luck on that fourth straight title guys!  We'll be watching.

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