Bigfoot and the Northwest go together like peas and carrots. The thing is, people who hunt for Bigfoot might not know what they're really asking for; you know, like that old saying "Don't bite off more than you can chew."

 This ain't your Jack Link's Sasquatch...

A roadside camera alongside I-90 in Washington captured arguably the most compelling evidence of Bigfoot ever on film. At least in our opinion, this footage captures just how big and massive Bigfoot is... but also, the isolation captured in this video is what's truly haunting.

Also, can we talk about how super eerie it is that this is from a camera that belongs to the state of Washington's Department of Transportation? That makes it that much more legit but also, it means that whatever was being filmed... likely didn't know it was being filmed.

Is this absolute proof that Bigfoot exists in the Northwest? If so, then Bigfoot (or its species) has most certainly made its way to the Treasure Valley. We've talked about how many sightings Idaho has had along with surrounding states and we'd be foolish to think that every single one of the encounters was fake or a hoax.

Surely, one of them is true... right?

But, what if you caught up with Bigfoot? Would you really want to? Just use this footage as a reminder as to why you don't want to get on Bigfoot's bad side... this creature is walking by itself through snowy mountains.

Not quite the cryptid you want to mess with...

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