Shark Week started Saturday on the Discovery Channel, and more people are watching it this week than at any point in the week's 27-year history.  The popularity has grown, and with it comes a pretty intense drinking game.  Here are the rules!

(I'm sure you can drink iced tea or Crystal Light if you want.  No pressure.)

A few of the highligts:

Drink every time you hear an Australian, South African, or British accent

Drink when a shark attack victim talks about the attack, drink for 1 second per 5 stitches the victim received.

Drink every time you see a subdued shark being poked, prodded, or given a tracking device on a boat.

Sharks scare me to death, and this game may bring about a little handy false bravery. But it also proves to me that in general Shark Week is pretty huge and the millions that watch it like to make the most of the shows and find new ways to soak up each minute. Cheers, Discovery Channel!  Nice work.

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