Mexican food is my fave, but I'll admit I've had a hard time finding a Mexican restaurant I love in the Treasure Valley. These have been deemed the "Tastiest Taco's" in the state. Do you agree?

You have to travel to Idaho Falls to get them, but says the tacos rancheros at Morenitas Mexican Restaurant and Bakery have the the best. Their review says they are authentic, with freshly made tortillas, and the portions are very generous.

Not headed to Idaho Falls anytime soon?

After searching everywhere in the Boise area for a Mexican restaurant that really satisfies my cravings, my favorite is Enriques in Kuna. My favorite item on the menu is hands down is their molcajetes. It's a bubbling bowl of deliciousness that comes with a side of tortillas, rice, and beans. The best is one that is not listed on the menu, but ask them about the one with steak, chicken, and shrimp! It's to die for!

My boyfriend loves Chapala. He says their sauce and enchiladas are the best. I must admit I judge a Mexican restaurant a lot by their salsa. If the salsa is good, I think it's a good sign that the rest of the menu is going to be yummy.

I'll also throw out a few stars to El Gallo Giro. They have great tacos!

Where do you love to grab Mexican food in the Treasure Valley? Am I leaving anywhere off? What do I need to try?

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