It's been awhile since I munched on some great Idaho Fries. I've been in the state of Washington for some years so I've been missing out on authentic Idaho Fries but now that I'm back, I'm looking for the best place to get fries in Boise.

It's not surprising that McDonald's has pretty good fries but I'm talking about the yummy Idaho spuds that are grown locally.

I grew up on the border of Idaho and Washington so getting Idaho spuds was pretty easy as a kid but when you live farther away from the border, your spuds tend to be less authentic.

I did a quick search and discovered the 15 best places in Boise to get fries but now I have to narrow the list down and that's where you come in.

Take my "Fry" poll and help me narrow down my choices. I've got 15 great fry places to check out and I even left a spot for you to put in any fry place that I left out.

I'd love to hear your picks and I'll share them on the air later this week on the show and then of course being new to town, I'm going to head out and sample the top voted places.



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